Q: Hello Noe, I was wondering how much you would estimate a Timing Chain Guide Replacement on a 2004 sentra spec v?

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I live in WI & it was cold out. My engine started making a knocking noise. I do have a moderate oil leak so I figured i was just low. Then the knocking got really loud and went faster or slower with acceleration or slowing. i filled up the oil and the knocking quieted but is still loud. From research, I am guessing it is the Timing Chain Guide and it needs to be replaced. I know the parts aren't too expensive but it is labor intensive due to its location. I am debating whether I want to repair it (in a shop) or give up on this car. Up until now, I haven't had many problems: brake calipers that freeze up, some exhaust issues, camshaft/crankshaft sensors, an oil leak, and a power steering leak. What would estimate the repair costs to be and I read there are other things that I should replace since the engine with be out. Possibly: rear timing chain cover gasket, oil strainer screen, oil pan, pan gasket & mount, water pump, timing chain tensioner. Thank you for help!

My car has 160000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there. Actually, when you have a knocking sound that decreases after adding oil, it is typically caused by a lack of lubrication on top of the motor; where the cylinder head hardware is located. The knocking typically comes from valve lifters that are not properly lubricated as opposed to a timing chain issue. If you’d like a price quote for the timing chain replacement for your Nissan Sentra, please click this link and hit the quote button. In regards to the other repairs, it’s likely that those costs will exceed the current blue book value of your vehicle. I, like other professional mechanics have a rule of thumb in regards to repairs vs. selling the vehicle. If the costs of repairs are more than 50% of the blue book value of your vehicle, you are better off to replace the vehicle as opposed to making the repairs.

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