Q: hello my engine light was on so i had the evap replaced and a piece on my radiator last week the light went off now its back on

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My engine light was on and auto zone said it was the evap so i got that replaced then it came back on after that i got the piece for the radiator fixed last week and just now the light came back on im confused please help

The check engine light can come on for a vast number of reasons. Modern vehicles are typically equipped with dozens of sensors throughout the engine, transmission, and braking system.The engine control unit relies on all of these inputs to make the vehicle run properly, safely, and efficiently. Your evap repair and piece on the radiator are not related to each other, however the engine control unit relies on them for input. Sometimes when vehicle ages, we can run into what may seem like a cluster of issues. You repair one thing and a short time later, another issue arises. I’ve seen this both professionally and well as personally with my own vehicles as well as those belonging to friends or family. You could have a certified technician look into the cause of the check engine light being on as well as request the vehicle be given a thorough once-over. They may not be able to predict what the next issue may be or when, but may be able to offer you an idea of items that may need attention in the near future.

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