Q: Coolant coming out of my air intake

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The other day i had started up my truck and drove to work. Everythinv was fine and i vet to work and turn it off and work until lunch. When i came back to my truck i cranked it up and sat in it with the truck idleing for a while. Then i noticed it started idleing rough so i started checking everything and then i noticed it started pouring white smoke from the exhaust. As soon as i shut it off the i started having coolant pouring out of my air intake system and now my air filter is soaked in coolant and i have a big puddle of coolant where it came out of the air intake. I am confused as to why it would do that. Cracked block or head, blown head gasket or intake manifold gasket. I simply do not know and would appreciate some insight. Also there is no coolant in my oil.

My car has 210000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

I think the most likely cause of this issue would be a blown intake manifold gasket. I would recommend having your engine smoke tested to determine if any smoke comes out of the place you believe the coolant is leaking. If smoke comes out of the engine during the smoke test, the intake manifold gasket has failed. Consider YourMechanic for your intake manifold gasket replacement as it can be done at your home or office.

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