Q: Have a 1994 f150 2 door. Power steering whine for about 2 years. Finally decided to go to Autozone and get a new pump. Put it on a

asked by on February 05, 2018

Have had a power steering whine for about 2 years but fluid level fine and no binding so no big deal. Finally decided to change it out with auto zone part. Still whined but had lifetime warranty so thought maybe a bad pump. Swapped it and new one whined again. Just did it for the 4th time and again still whines very loudly at idle and worse at turning. Had the PS system flushed in case bad/old fluid. Put on new idler and tensioner pulleys-still whined. Nothing has helped. A Ford mechanic told me "Fords just whine" but I know several guys with the same truck and theirs make no such sound. It only has 112K miles on it so I would not suspect the gear box, but it is definitely a hydraulic sounding whine coming from the power steering pump area (best as I can tell) and there are no leaks anywhere. So tired of the sound but cant afford to keep going to mechanics who dont seem to know anymore than I do except how to take 200 bucks out of my debit card!. Any advice?

My car has 112000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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I’ve been down that road a few times with other types of cars. You have taken the correct first steps, and I presume you are using the correct factory recommended fluid. If your truck has a pressure relief valve that was not part of the pump, it could be coming from that. The pressure relief valve may be built into a banjo bolt that attaches the high pressure line. Other times I’ve fixed a whine by replacing aftermarket hoses with factory hoses. It turned out that the factory hose had a restrictor orifice built in that the aftermarket hose did not. Lastly, it could be that you just won’t get satisfaction out of an Auto Zone pump. Parts sold by the retail chains are usually not of the best quality, and it is not uncommon to have the same malfunction in a series of parts because of a problem on the assembly line. So you may not solve your problem until you bite the bullet and buy a factory replacement. If you decide to have this checked out by another set of ears, contact YourMechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to check out your power steering whine and give you a second opinion.

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