Q: hard to start at morning after a long cranking it will get start but idiling is very rough

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i have a polo petrol 1.2 , at morning it wont get start , after two or three long cranking it get started with rough idiling then once engine become hot everything become normal the complaint wont appear till the next morning

My car has 55432 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. There are several components that may cause a hard-start. First we need to determine if the engine is cranking at a normal speed, and it is taking a while for the engine to turn over; or if the starter is slow to crank and is not turning over the engine fast enough. If the cranking is slow then the starter is likely wearing out and needs to be replaced. The alternative would be that the starter is cranking the engine over at normal speeds and the engine is not responding. This can be caused by several components, but we would like to give you some general tips to help the situation. One, turn the key to the "On" position for a few moments before cranking the engine. This turns on the fuel pump and allows it to prime before being demanded into working while cold. It may also be a sign the pump is wearing out and will need replacing soon. Secondly, make sure your engine oil is clean and good for colder weather. When it is thick and cold, the engine does not run at normal speeds, and the oil does not lubricate well. Finally, make sure your antifreeze/coolant is in good condition. The coolant can get nasty over time and not provide adequate antifreeze properties. Take a moment to make some further observations, and do some simple tests. Take any further diagnosis from there.

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