Q: Gears or clutch problem.

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Hi, so I was stopped at lights, and my car made a loud grunting noise and my clutch began to shake under my foot. I moved off and drove down the street, my car went into second gear and then wouldn't move out of it. I stopped at the side of the road, turned it off, put it into neutral and tried again. It made a terrible noise. I got a recovery van which took me home. The man wasn't very helpful and offered me £100 for it telling me it was dead. Does anybody know what it might be and how I could fix her. It's a peugout 206 CC. Thank you
My car has a manual transmission.

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Unfortunately, we don’t service many Peugout 206’s here in the United States. You might want to have a professional mechanic at your location complete a clutch or transmission inspection; specifically an internal exam; as the symptoms you’re describing are common with internal clutch damage. Best of luck.

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