Fuel injector problems impala p2020 v6-3.5l chevrolet 2008

Q: Fuel injector problems

asked by on November 30, 2016

Well my check engine light came on so i went to the auto store to use a code reader and it gave me a p2020 code and i want to know how hard it is to fix the problem

My car has 79000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thanks for writing in. The diagnostic code that is triggering your warning light it’s a fairly generic code relating to a bad reading at one of the sensors. This bad reading can mean that there’s an electrical or mechanical fault with that system. The throttle body can be sticking or faulty. It may just need to be cleaned, which is relatively easy. The IRMC valve/solenoid can also stick or be faulty. Both of these are responsible for the amount of air that the PCM allows into the engine. And it is this air supply that has tripped the sensor or the sensor itself that has failed. Inspection of these systems can be done methodically, which is a tedious process in which you need a voltmeter. You can also clean both units and see if it was simple build up that caused bad readings. Start by cleaning the throttle and related sensors, and take diagnostics from there.

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