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Had this service done at my dealer, after arriving home I parked car in garage. About 30 mins later I had to go into garage to get something and there was a overpowering smell of chemical in closed garage. It gave me a headache it was so strong I could not stay near car inside garage. Was something spilled ? What could cause this? Can this cause damage to other parts of engine? I moved the car outside where it still is. I also had a Hyundai ordered FREE rust corrosion applied under the car due to high salt used in my area. I called dealer and the guy said "oh something just spilled on hot part" park the car outside overnight and it will dissapate. I am afraid this "spill" could have been the mechanic not shutting off some kind of valve before starting. I was told the undercarriage stuff would not cause odor. I DON'T BELIEVE THEM. I have not driven the car yet again since last nite. it is very cold here today, there is no odor in garage now. Your thoughts on this? THANK YOU

My car has 25430 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Fuel injectors cannot be completely cleaned, that is restored to like new condition, while they are still installed on the fuel rail on the engine because: 1) each injector has a very fine internal filter basket that MUST be removed and replaced with a NEW filter in the course of a proper, professional cleaning; 2) professional cleaning of an injector requires placement of the injector in a machine that uses ultrasonic energy to remove the deposits; and 3) EACH injector MUST be flow tested and pattern spray tested, at the conclusion of the cleaning, in order to determine whether they should even be returned to service. See services such as that vended by Mr. Injector to get an idea of the scope of the work involved. Off car injector cleaning typically costs around $17, or so, PER injector; of course there is labor to remove the injectors from the fuel rail and re-install them. So-called "on car cleaning" is offered to consumers as a quick fix, one that is in reality of little, if any, value to consumers but is enormously profitable to "shops" that market the service. Furthermore, and I am very serious, I would not doubt that in certain circumstances, the service is sold, paid for by consumers, and frankly is not even performed.

The bottom line is this, if a certified Mechanic has evaluated the cylinder firing patterns of your engine on a scope, and/or has actual EVIDENCE, that is explained to your satisfaction, pointing toward faulty injectors, there is only ONE professional solution and that is to REMOVE the injectors from the fuel rail on the engine, send them to what is in essence a "laboratory" such as Mr. Injector, and let the laboratory professionally clean and service them. As in every thing in life, there is "rarely" a free lunch or "quick" fix and this is just yet another illustration of that maxim.

As far as the odor, the first concern of course is be sure it is not GASOLINE. If it is gasoline, you got a leak and the shop will have to address that as that is an extremely dangerous circumstance. If the odor is not gasoline, a likely possibility is your exhaust system was sprayed with whatever coating, compound,or chemical that they were trying to apply to the underbody. That’s why I don’t use shops...why should they care where they spray the coating? It’s you that are now stuck with the odor and headache, not them. At any rate, depending on the exact circumstances (depth of coating, type of material, location), if in fact the odor stems from misapplication of a coating, the odor could be transient or somewhat longer lived. The bottom line is, if shop personnel sprayed foreign materials where they are not supposed to be, that is contrary to the INSTRUCTIONS (that no one ever reads...LOL), and the odor persists past what YOU decide you will accept, then the shop has to simply replace the exhaust components that were contaminated by THEIR mistake. In the future, do not deal with "shops". Find a human being who is qualified, interested, conscientious and who will personally work with you on needed repairs to your vehicle. The irony is not only will you get the job done properly, it’ll actually be much less expensive!! Sorry to hear of this circumstance, you’re raising my blood pressure as well, and if you have further concerns or questions, by all means contact YourMechanic and, of course, try out YourMechanic for future repairs and maintenance on your car.

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