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Q: Frozen spark plug

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I need spark plugs changed out and I had diagnostics done the number 3 plug is bad and possibly frozen or stuck I would like to inquire if the mechanic would be able to handle that if one came out?
My car has an automatic transmission.

Yes, seized plugs can be removed and there are specific techniques that mechanics rely on. Upon removal, though, there is always the possibility that threads could be damaged in which case the spark plug hole would be chased (cleaned up) with a special tap. In extreme cases, particularly where untrained individuals have attempted removal, new threads will have to be placed using a thread insert such as a helicoil. To minimize the risk, typically a mechanic will blow all debris out of the recess in which the plug sits and apply a liberal amount of penetrating oil. Let that sit overnight and then rock the plug back and forth, indeed at first possibly tightening it just a little bit. If you VERY slowly (just tiny partial turns) alternately loosen and tighten the plug, the penetrating oil works its way in and the plug will then come out easily. But, you have to work slowly and the turns, back and forth, have to be tiny. Conversely, if you attempt to remove the plug entirely, at one time, ONLY by loosening it counterclockwise, you are practically guaranteed to ruin the threads. So, back and forth, just a little bit at a time, lots of penetrating oil and you will have no difficulty. To schedule removal, please simply request spark plug replacement and a certified professional will be dispatched to accomplish this repair for you promptly.

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