Hi so I have a 1999 Ford econoline F-150 that recently go...

Hi so I have a 1999 Ford econoline F-150 that recently got a new [transmission](/topics-transmission-ford/) in it. It was having a hard time driving and after some research I decided to change the fuel filter as a starting off poi...

Hi so I have a 1999 Ford econoline F-150 that recently got a new [transmission](/topics-transmission-ford/) in it. It was having a hard time driving and after some research I decided to change the fuel filter as a starting off point. I tried to depressurize the gas lines by sticking a flat head screw driver to inside the nozzles (2 of them and I wasn’t sure which one it was) the first didn’t do anything and the 2nd started releasing air - no gas came out of either... Then read if I hadn’t been driving the pressure wasn’t even there. With my battery unhooked I started getting under the car to find it started dripping a ton of red liquid in the driveway. I had transmission fluid at home and poured it in there before moving the car. Is that what leaked and it related to having caps off/releasing inside [engine](/topics-engine-ford/)?

Automotive Expert
Good Morning , the cap in the picture is your AC hoses .

the bottom one
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the movie has transmission fluid leaking from the driveshaft , i assume its running off of it from the tailshaft housing seal . None of this would be related to the fuel filter

Is that transmission fluid dripping
Automotive Expert
yes it is

Can they be connected to anything I opened and depressurize did inside the engine? It was on an incline
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no not connected at all .

What do you think caused my transmission fluid leak?
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That i would take back to the transmission shop either a bad seal or driveshaft has a groove worn into it from the old seal

Between loss of power (not getting the gas to work when I drive) and this new transmission fluid leaking I should tow it? I went up a steep driveway and the back of my car hit the pavement when going up (I have metal back there for maybe towing a boat I’m not sure and maybe the [exhaust](/topics-exhaust-ford/) hit?) could that be the reason my transmission fluid started leaking?If the transmission fluid has been leaking the whole time this could be why I was loosing power previously driving because it’s leaking out
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I would check the transmission fluid level while its running , if you have the fluid full you can drive it. It is possible you were feeling the transmission slipping because of low fluid

Could it all leak out again while I’m driving?
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depends how far you need to go and how bad its leaking

Revving and not going is a sign of no/not enough trans fluid in there
Automotive Expert
yes it is

That’s not [power steering](/topics-power-steering/) right? I live on a steep hill and don’t want to somehow loose control on the way down
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no power steering fluid wouldnt be leaking back there

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