Q: every once in a while car really falters

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About 3-4 times in the last year, my car, which usually runs really well, starts to idle fast and make noise and when I press the gas, it won't accelerate properly. The first time this happened, I was in traffic for some time in hot Fl weather. I got it parked and then it did start again and I drove it to a garage and they found nothing wrong. Can't remember the second time, but the car did the same thing but recovered quickly and I didn't have to stop. I again asked and mechanics found nothing wrong. Third time I was again in traffic but not as hot or long as first time and car started doing this again and light was flashing and thought we'd have to go to a garage but car recovered again. This was about a week ago and it has been working fine since. However, most of the time, the service engine light is on. I also checked on this and the code indicated that it was not something major (and it's come on before) so I've let that be. Car tests fine but this is a problem! Thanks!

My car has 93000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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