Q: Error code P1518 and assistance with another question

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I just brought my 2002 mustang to my local auto zone to do a read on the "service engine soon" light I got 3 error codes that popped up 2 of them I know what they are but the other one says: P1518 indicates that the engine running at closed throttle the PCM detected that the signal from the bank 1 intake manifold runner control was lower than the minimum acceptable value.

Now my car has been doing this rattling sound between 1500 rpm and 2500rpm only in drive not in neutral or reverse or when idling. Could that be what's causing the issue and what or how do I get that fixed?

My car has 200000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. You might want to watch this video on a similar P1518 Ford trouble code. In regards to the rattling noise, without being there to test drive the vehicle and hearing the noise; it’s impossible for us to give you the advice on repairing or even guessing what could be causing this noise. I would recommend having a professional mobile mechanic come to your location and complete a car is making a noise inspection to pinpoint the source of your noise.

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