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what exactly is a crate motor is it the exact same motor that came in my car to begin with or is it more defined or close to a v8 does it have the same sound as my v6?
My car has an automatic transmission.

A crate motor is simply a "complete" motor, shipped in a crate of course. Complete means it has the head, valve train, camshafts and block (pistons, crankshaft, oil pump) already assembled. Crate motors can be "new" or "re-manufactured". Often, many parts and accessories will have to be installed onto the crate motor, most of which will simply be transferred over from your existing motor. Then, your old block and heads are returned to the vendor and you get your "core" charge refunded. If you are replacing a motor, you have to match the head and block casting numbers exactly, otherwise you run the risk that the motor will not line up with your existing motor mounts, transmission, and bolt on accessories. Most professional motor vendors will take great care to be sure you give them your VIN number so you get an exact match. As far as the operating characteristics, power, noise level, and so forth of a crate motor it will be identical to that of the motor originally installed in the car inasmuch as you will be getting the identical motor (same casting numbers). Switching to a different motor is usually impractical due to changes that would be needed in the vehicle’s suspension (due to changes in weight), motor mount issues and PCM and engine wiring harness incompatibility. So, if you need a new crate motor, the motor has to be absolutely identical to the original motor unless your intent is to re-design the car. YourMechanic can assist with crate motor selection and installation. Please feel free to inquire for details.

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