Q: Electrical issues with Chevy Cobalt SS 07

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I'm not getting any spark. I bought the car from a guy who had very little idea what he was doing and he turned the wire harness into a mess. Random splices, wires loosely connected or just hanging freely. I had to replace the transmission and the fuel pump. After I went to hook up the starter and the power wire was automatically firing the starter when I touched it to the solenoid. Found the wiring was backfed to the alternator. Fixed that. Then the car wouldn't shift from park so I tore into the linkage cable and found the Neutral safety switch wasn't grounded. Fixed that. But now the cars not getting spark. Changed all the plugs and injectors. Tested the relays and fuse box they all have power but the plugs to the injectors don't get power. Its been lost somewhere. Checked the whole wire harness and theyres no bad splices or wires. I've tested the Ingnition control switch, engine control computer and on board computer and they all have power. Any ideas as to what my problem may be?

My car has 114765 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It appears you have a serious electrical mess on your hands. In most cases, instead of trying to trace an issue where there are "customized alterations", it may be a better idea to completely rewire the vehicle’s ignition system. There are several electrical harness kits for GM’s available online that are rather simple to install.

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