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Q: electrical exterior

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so i have and issues with my headlights they worked fine when i got my truck and then the lights started flickering a little and fluctuating when i would throttle at idle telling me it might be alternator or battery but the battery is new it looks like and the alternator has been giving me problems i.e. losing or snapping my belts i finally got fed up and started looking myself under the connections and found the dimmer switch was burnt up i replaced it and it seemed to work well and then i went to drive home and they started flickering and then id mess with all the connections and couldnt find any pattern in the way the lights would flicker and also when the truck is off the lights dont flicker which also makes me think its alternator
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello. It is very likely that your alternator not supplying enough power to the vehicle to allow all the systems to perform properly. Also the battery looks new but doesn’t perform as so. I suggest that a technician test your battery your alternator and your starting system to help you uncover any flaws in your system. You may have a bad alternator, bad wiring, or maybe possibly even a bad battery, even though it appears new. Please Keep in mind that the technicians we supply here at YourMechanic specialize in such diagnosis and repair. Also if the dimmer switch was literally burned up you may have some fried connections or wires which need to be replaced as well.

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