Q: does my key have to be programmed to new ecm

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I think my ECM is bad..code p705 and p0302 read w scanner multiple times. Had diagnostics ran at dealership, was told faulty neutral safety switch (transmission range sensor) and coil not plug on cylinder2. I've replaced sensor and coil and wiped codes from memory and now codes still present along with p0110 p0100 p0101 now. Dealership rule outs for p705 were the sensor and the ecm...my car doesn't seem 2 kno what gear it's in and it's mimicking transmission issues...if I get a new ecm do I have to program my key to it or will it need the same type of chip that's already in my key?...and is a ecm a reasonable culprit for my issues?

There is a long, long decision tree in the Factory Service Manual (FSM) to deal with issues like the one you have and it is only at the very end of that tree, that you consider ECM failure. Indeed, ECM failures are so rare that half of all ECM’s returned to re-builders as "warranty exchanges" are in fact perfectly good. If ECM failure is suspected, if you are working with a Toyota dealership all they have to do is swap in a known good ECM to rule that component in or out. They could also first try re-flashing your ECM (that’s easy).

The point is there is a lot to rule out and in your case you have several powertrain codes available, that if tracked down and resolved, could resolve the symptoms you are having. What I suggest is you request a check engine light diagnostic. A certified mechanic from YourMechanic would track down the causes of the three codes you have cited and first get that resolved. If problems continue, the mechanic would just simply follow the remainder of the decision tree in the FSM until this is resolved. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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