Steering is tight to turn, just won’t go without forward ...

Steering is tight to turn, just won’t go without forward momentum. Happen after getting stuck in mud and ice. Not bad to steer on highway, belt looks fine and power steering fluid was a little low, reservoir was half low. Topped i...

Steering is tight to turn, just won’t go without forward momentum. Happen after getting stuck in mud and ice. Not bad to steer on highway, belt looks fine and power steering fluid was a little low, reservoir was half low. Topped it off, didn’t help. Can’t even muscle the tires when still. Mechanic's Assistant: When was the fluid last checked? Have you heard any whining noises while turning the wheel? Yes whining as soon as resistance is met Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Ram 3500 yourself? What have you tried so far? I would like too but don’t want to just start replacing stuff, pump gearbox etc with any advice

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Hello my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I am a master automotive and diesel technician. Welcome to just answer. I’m sorry to hear your having this issue with your ram 3500 today. Unfortunatly this truck had a steering system from the factory that did well for the first few years of its life but then as time and miles got on it the pump got weaker and the steering components just didn’t hold up. Your issue is likely a weak power steering pump that is not allowing it to steer while sitting still. A little bit of rolling movement and it steers just fine. Seen it a bunch of times and simply replacing the power steering pump only makes it slightly better. You need to install the updated power steering system and it’s recommended that you also install the “big gear” updated steering box as well. These parts are NOT cheep, however they are really the only option for making this condition go away. Here is a link to the updated parts at the link below. Copy and paste it into your browser. is a link to the Big [Gear box](/topics-gear-box-dodge/) below.

Okay, thank you but I see these are back ordered, I have 260,000 miles on the truck do you think I should just replace them with standard replacement?Is there a way to tell if it's the gear box or just the pump? I defintely don't want to say it's just fine when I'm driving, when I turn hard I stuggle. Do you think it is relating to getting stuck, I was putting a lot of pressure trying to get front tire out
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Your welcome. I would not even attempt to use aftermarket or even the dodge OEM parts. I found the aftermarket pumps just don’t work. In fact they will often be worse than what you have right out of the box. If you get an OEM dodge pump you will find the pulley doesn’t fit the new pump and dodge won’t be able to tell you why.Well the only way to tell for sure is to jack up the front end of the truck and ensure it steers freely with no load on the tires. Then put a power steering pressure gauge on it and see how much pressure is being created by the pump. These gauges can be a mess to install. Also look closely at the power steering lines and ensure one of them is not kinked.If the pump can create plenty of pressure, and nothing is mechanically binding in the front end and there is no kinked hoses or lines then it’s a steering box issue.

Awesome thank you, \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* concern is waiting for back order, can you suggest another site?
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Also try this. Start the engine stone cold and see if it steers fine when it’s cold. If it steers good cold but not warm than this is likely a failed pump and it eliminates all the components as being the issue.

I did that, it felt only slightly better
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Ok you should do a through inspection of the steering component and lines. This site is the only one I know of that sells all 3 parts needed in a kit. However the 3 separate part numbers are posted at the top of the page. 68034326AB, 68034303AB, and 68100252AA. So you can source them separately from your local dealer or other sites.I personally have a 2007 and it’s going to get all these parts here very soon. I have the same issue however I know that it’s not in my steering components and it For sure is the pump.

Ok great I will try them individually, it is almost impossible to steer in tight quarters so not really safe for me to drive. Is it practical to just start by replacing the pump or just do pump and box all in one shot?
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Well if you find that there is metal flake material in the oil when you remove the pump then you will need to replace the box and the booster as well and blow out the lines or replace them too. If any metal particles are found this is very bad and if you don’t get it all out you will just resin another pump and it’s really a never ending cycle. So look closely at the fluid for it being metallic and look inside the old reservoir with a flashlight for any signs of catastrophic failure. If you are not wanting to upgrade to the big gear box and need to replace it then the only brand I would recommend is “redhead”

Thank you, \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* your shit!
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Your welcome. Good luck!

Thank you
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No problem.

weird truck steering is like totally fine right now, a very faint whine but fully operable. maybe bc it is warmer.? Dunno
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Fully warmed up and feels fine now? Very strange, sounds like a intermittent pump issue.

Do you think it's possible when I got it stuck I kind of iced up the gear box, I was really stuck on that side, either way gonna replace the pump but might buy me time to get the better upgrade.
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I really don’t think so. Most all the gear boxes I have seen fail they have either a sheered off sector shaft, flat out just worn out with a bunch of play, leak like crazy, steer one direction fine but not the other, or have a spot in them that it locks up/binds up and then releases. I’ve never seen one fail where it’s just stiff to steer unless moving, that’s usually always related to a lack of pressure from the pump.

Okay gotcha, I appreciate the insight
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No problem

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