Hi there. I have a Dodge Charger 2012 3.6L I have front l...

Hi there. I have a Dodge Charger 2012 3.6L I have front left negative camber I need help ...

Hi there. I have a Dodge Charger 2012 3.6L I have front left negative camber I need help

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Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I'm sorry your having problems with this vehicle so I'll try to help you with this issue.The website may prompt if you want a call, but that would be up to you. HAs it been this way and have you checked for bad parts?

LikeNoChat with meKurt mullingTell how to solve front negative camber
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chatting is fine with me

No I don’t want to callExplain to me
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first of all it should be a little neg. how bad is it.?

3.46You text meCan I call
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no calls yet

Okwhat is the possible cause of negative camber
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So you have something bent as you cannot make a 3 deg change.

Please give me the stepsWhat could beMy friendHello my friendPlease reply to me what are the possible causes of negative camber
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bent frame, or spindle or control arms.

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I would say that likely you have a bent frame and there is no way to adjust that out, you may need to have it checked at a body shop that does frame work.

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