Hi Chris! I have a 2008 dodge avenger 2.4L. I put a used ...

Hi Chris! I have a 2008 dodge avenger 2.4L. I put a used tipm in and the car was working fine until it stopped shifting, the square on the dash where is show P R N D 3 blinks then the car acts like it's driving in low 3 even tho...

Hi Chris! I have a 2008 dodge avenger 2.4L. I put a used tipm in and the car was working fine until it stopped shifting, the square on the dash where is show P R N D 3 blinks then the car acts like it's driving in low 3 even though it's saying it's in Drive. I would wiggle the green connector that plugs in the transmission and it would correct it self but now that doesn't work any more and now there are squares on all the range letters and it does say it's in D on the dash when it's actually in P on the handle and won't go in any position till all the squares show over the range letters on the dash. Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the transmission? Have you noticed any leaking? Thank Pearl, the transmission is 13 years old I believe. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Avenger yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes. I put a used transmission solinod which didn't change anything and I cleaned all the connectors free from dirt and debris. Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? No thank you. Thanks.

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Hello, my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* thank you for using just answer. The site will prompt a phone call, but that is not always necessary. If it is necessary later in the conversation, I will propose it. I am sorry you are having this concern, but I will do my best to assist you. Using a used TIPM is risky, since they have a high failure rate, and you may not get one that has been updated. However, I do not think that will affect the trans issue you are experiencing. Do you have a way to get codes from the trans computer? thanks. Kyle S. A.S.E. certified master auto technician licensed smog technician, test and repair, L-1 advanced engine performance certified Certified Volkswagen technician, 2003,2004,2013,2014,2015 Volkswagen and Audi independent 12 years

I did it shows 29 codes?I see I don't have one that shows codes for just the transmission. I have the odb2 tester.
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Ok. this car uses a pcm, so trans codes will be in the engine computer. I need all of the codes to continue.

Ok give me a sec I'll get them all for you.
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Ok thanks.

Thank you Kyle

P0335, P0366, p0315, p0016, p0017, p0300, p0303, p2004, p0700, u1110, u1120, p2017, u0402, p0113, u1412, p0369, p0365, u1403, p0606, p0846, p0871, p0750, p0016, p0017, p2004, p0700, p0113, p0365, p0335, p0846, p0871, p0750All in that order
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I would clear them all and see what returns first. That is a ton of codes.

Ok I will do that

I cleared the codes and now P0113 shows up twice.That was with the car off. I now started the car and now P700 and P750 show.
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Good morning Let me check on those codes. Roy

Good morning thank youRoy
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Did you have any of these codes prior to replacing the TIPM? Roy

because my TIPM that I originally had in the car when out.
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OK, I am concerned about the used one you installed. I know it is all about economics but with the high failure rate of these units, your used one may the issue here. I attached the possibilities for the 750 for you to view and the TIPM is a possibility. I will check on the 113. One other thing, if you have a volt meter, can you test the charging system voltage when running. Check for any AC voltage. Roy

I then put the used one in and it was working find until I started to have this problem where I would be driving over 60 miles an hour and the car transmission would kick itself in a low 3 and it would still be in driveOk let go do that real quickThank you RoyI'm going to go check the voltage thank you Roy
Automotive Expert
113 attached. In most cases, it is the sensor itself. Got it. Where there any other 700 codes in the system? If there was not, then it may be a mechanical issue, not electronic which means it would be internal. Roy

There was P750
Automotive Expert
OK, that was for the low/reverse solenoid. Roy

ACV is at 26.9 with the car off and 31.2 with the car on
Automotive Expert
If you have AC voltage in the charging system, that indicates a bad [alternator](/topics-alternator-dodge/). You have failed diodes and that explains all the codes. The modules work on DC voltage only and when it sees AC, the modules have no idea what it is and what to do with it so it sets all the codes. The reading should be 0 volts. Roy

This is ac voltage correct
Automotive Expert
Correct Roy

Ok thank you Roy for all the help I'll replace the alternator first then go to the next step if necessary
Automotive Expert
OK, sounds good. Roy

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