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Hi Godwin,I'm mark.i really want to buy a 2011-2012 ct200 F-sport.is the hybrid drive improved more than the hs250?,is second generation always better?,is it truly reliable?,I know low mileage is best,does it have major problems at a certain mileage point?do Toyota dealerships service Lexus cars?oil changes opinion? I could really use the advice!,mark
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. As the hybrid drive system on a CT200H is newer, it will be more refined and efficient. The HS250 is also an excellent hybrid, which held the title for most fuel efficient luxury vehicle, until it was replaced by the CT200H. As Lexus is a division of Toyota, you can expect the same high level of reliability and performance associated with Toyota vehicles. Hybrid vehicles do not generally experience more issues than normal vehicles as long as maintenance and service is kept up properly. Newer hybrid batteries have a life expectancy designed to match the service life of the vehicle, and come with generous warranties in the event that something goes wrong. Most Toyota dealerships will also be able to service any Lexus vehicle, as well as locate parts for them.

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