Q: My car has white smoke coming out of it. I put coolant into it today because it was pretty low. Why is there smoke co

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My car has been having some issues. For one, every time I get gas then try to start up my car then it doesn’t work. I need to try and start it up again before it actually works. Then it shakes before finally going. I went to Autozone but they weren’t really clear. They said something about a evaporate something system. Now I have another issue where white smoke is coming from my hood. My coolant level was really so I got some more. Before that though, my I needed to change my oil but I didn’t for like 4 months (I know. Terrible car owner) I got it change though and everything seemed okay but then like a month later, my engine would randomly almost overheat and I didn’t know why. Come to find out that my all of my coolant was gone so I got it I got some more. After just a day, I had to use the whole bottle because my car had ate up all of the coolant. There was still some in my car though so I left it alone for a little while. I put some more in today then white smoke came. Please help.

My car has 69000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like from your description of your problem that you have blown head gaskets and would need to have the engine cooling system and engine pressure tested to find out why it overheated and lost coolant. You may have engine damage that will require major engine and cooling system work and should have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic come and diagnose the problems for you.

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