Q: Crank, no start, good fuel pressure, and spark

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car stalled while driving and no start condition. New fuel filter, timing belt recently replaced. 42 psi at the rail, injector resistance in spec, 13.5,13.5,13.6,13.9 resistance. Spark verified by test light in line to plug. No codes in system. Tried to start with starting fluid and carb cleaner in intake upon crank, no jump. Plugs normal no fouling. Driver noticed dash gauges resetting when it happened, with a starter silenoid noise. Car had strong start when I seen it. 12.6 volts at battery. Could a fuel pressure sensor be the issue? wouldn't that send a code? Shouldn't the crank position and cam position sensors be ok if car is sparking? Out of options. Oil ok. Gas ok.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The cam and crankshaft position sensors control the TIME in which the spark plug ignites; not the actual action of the plugs igniting. So, it is very possible that your hard to start issue is caused by one or both of these sensors, or the electrical harness that powers them.

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