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Would it cost anything for someone to come out and look my car over for me and tell me whats wrong with it? Then discuss pricing and parts if any needed....i cant afford much and garages are crazy expensive.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The "costs" that you are referring to depend on what is, in fact, wrong with your car. While it is true that in a few repair scenarios, mere visual exam of, say, brake pads is enough to advise a customer that "you need brakes", in almost all cases in the field, there is significant and often laborious diagnostic work involved. Even though YourMechanic only charges a nominal, fixed diagnostic fee to diagnose faults in specific vehicle "systems", that often doesn’t cover the actual labor expended to conclusively pinpoint a fault in a system that might have multiple complex parts, not to mention lots of interconnecting wiring, all of which have to be individually tested to the end of you giving you an intelligent diagnosis. In your circumstance, you have not identified anything specific that is wrong with your car and so it is very difficult to advise you. Had, you mentioned something very specific I could possibly even narrow the scope of things for you to look at and help you in that way.

If you believe you might have multiple problems with the vehicle, the least cost option for both you and the Mechanic will be to simply schedule an inspection and during the course of such an inspection the mechanic will personally give you a good idea of what should be repaired on your vehicle, what your costs are likely to be, what repairs should be prioritized (for safety reasons, first and foremost) and so forth. Most importantly, the mechanic will answer all your questions and address all of your specific concerns. If that approach will help you, please simply schedule an inspection and we will help you to the extent possible in keeping the cost of repairs down, if any repairs are needed. As you know, YourMechanic is a mobile service and so, right off the bat, that eliminates layers of needless cost associated with shop overhead and those savings are passed on to you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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