Q: Coolant leak in rear of engine

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Coolant leak in rear of engine. Have done some research and found it could possibly be comig from the coolant flange as from what I can see the previous owner has put some sort of plastic glue to hold it together -likely from a previous leak. When the car is turned on coolant leaks out of it and onto the floor (closer to the driver side of the engine but not inside). I’m thinking of buying new radiator hoses and a coolant flange to do it myself but it seems that it’s really hard to reach without lifting the car up and doing it from the bottom. Is this an expensive job? It seems pretty simple if I were to buy the new parts and do it myself but don’t know if it would require a car lift or not... has a sweet smell, engine sounds normal, car never goes over 90(temp) and leaking is only occurring in that spot. What could I be looking at price wise and would I be able to do it myself?


My car has 96000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You would need to have the leak better identified as to why it is leaking so a mechanic or you can replace the bad part or gasket. If you can supply a picture of component leaking then I can better identify and give you better help.

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