Q: Chevy camaro reduced engine power warning

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I have a v6 2011 camaro & when I was driving today a reduced engine power warning kept blinking & I could feel the car wasn't driving normally, so I tried to atleast get it home safely. While on my way home the car began to emit a heavy white smoke from the exhaust. So I had a mechanic run a diagnostic test & it said the fuel pressure regulator was the problem. The mechanic said he resetted the computer & now the problem no longer exist but if it happens again I should change the fuel pressure regulator. My question is should I just change the regulator now just to be safe? Is it Normal for problems like that to just need a reset to be fixed? & should I change my oil which my mechanic recommend I should (I just changed the oil 400 miles ago)?

My car has 102740 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. The fuel pressure regulator is one of those parts that does not have a recommended replacement schedule. It might be proactive of you to replace it, however, it is possible that the reduced power light may have been triggered by a different component. Before you make the decision to replace this component, I would recommend reading the reduced power light inspection page as it will show you several common causes that trigger this warning light.

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