2015 suburban

2015 suburban Mechanic's Assistant: Okay, I'll connect you to the Mechanic to discuss this further with you. Before I do, is there anything else you want him to know? Will go into detail with him ...

2015 suburban Mechanic's Assistant: Okay, I'll connect you to the Mechanic to discuss this further with you. Before I do, is there anything else you want him to know? Will go into detail with him

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Ok2015 suburban, Had a shutter on passenger front wheel, and caliper was dragging alittle.Replaced caliper(slotted/ported), rotor, pads, and rubber brake hose. New pads and rotors on both.
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ok is the shutter still there?

Immediately after dropping suburban and going for test drive, everything in the front wheels is smooth, braking is really smooth, but now it will at any rpm or speed shutter, buck and act totally different then ever beforw.It almost feels like the [brakes](/topics-brakes/) are being pressed for a split second every few seconds, and almost stumbles(hard at times) while accelerating at any point.
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is it a wheel speed sensor type of fault like early abs activation?

Took it to a local garage, as the dealer is sched. Over a week out. The went over my brake job, check fluids, drove it with and with out me, def. Felt what i was talking about. The only advice they are giving is a 500 trans filter and fluid change. 2105 suburban 120k on it. Plugs,wire, air/fuel filter, and all the brake stuff I mentioned is all new.I have no lights, no pending codesI feel like a wheel speed sensor would throw either a trac control or abs code.
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can you monitor wheel speed? sounds like a wheel speed sensor or wheel bearing is going bad lots of things should throw codes But its not so we need to work around that

I do not have a way to monitor sensors, nor do I actually have the truck at the moment, its at the shop awaiting my answer as to wether I want the work done or not.
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and what are they suggesting? a wheel bearing? some Diagnosis?

34;Took it to a local garage, as the dealer is sched. Over a week out. The went over my brake job, check fluids, drove it with and with out me, def. Felt what i was talking about. The only advice they are giving is a 500 trans filter and fluid change."They seem to think its internal to the trans, and are considering my brake job timing a coincidence.They said they check some of the trans fluid and it was dirty.
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it could be a torq converter shutter which is kinda common but it would shake the whole vehicle not just the right front wheel

This is not a small shutter. Its like a buck at times.It does not only effect the one wheel. Prior to the brake job I could feel it drag and pull to the front right. Now it does none of that. It bucks the entire vehicle
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its either a missfire or the torq converter is coming apart

To be honest it feels loke its under a slight load all the time. I haul a small trailer sometimes, and it almost accelerates like I have it on the back.
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sounds like the dealer is correct with the tranny being suspect

Would the torque converter be worse at certain rpms? It seems like once I get over about 20-25 mph and gently accelerating it does it all the time.
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yes its a lock up converter when it locks up and under load is when it should get worse

Does it sound catastrophic? Or more to the terms of dirt?Or when you say tranny are you referring to the torque converter still as well.
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catastrophic when the torq converter fails on these it pushes debris thru the transmission and tears up clutches and bearings..You can try a torq converter replacement and a fluid drain and fill but the end result would be a mystery

do you think I should not do the fluid change and ask them to look into the torque converter?
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they are saying a fluid change will fix it?

I do believe that is what they are suggesting.Just puzzles me I had none of this prior to doing the brakes across the front
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well if they gaurantee that its going to fix it tell them you will pay them if it cures it..

Not one shop around here would do the work under that premise, including the Chevy dealer.
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I dont buy the diagnosis at all the odds of a fluid change fixing a transmission is slim to none

AgreedMy opinion based off what I did and the way it feels......Is that the back brakes are grabbing once in a while, like either the the abs is confused, and because my truck down shifts when the brakes are applied, its a combo of an attempted shift, with the random brake grab.
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I just think throwing monet at a transmission fluid change is throwing money in the wind..kinda shocked that a dealer actually thinks for a minute this will fix it..

I know this is speculation, and unlikely maybe? But that'sts how it feels.
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I would find a independent transmission shop take it for a test drive or another chevy dealer

I have read alot that when it comes to people taking these to dealers, and it seems the dealers have them throw money at it till they give up and trade it in or in most cases people just deal with the problems
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lot of bad techs out there

Agreed. Ok I will see if I can locate a transmission shop to look at it. Suppose to be driving this thing 3 hours on friday, and its not happening st this point.
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I would avoid that not a great thing to happen especially on a Holiday week

Kinda on of those -only have 1 car and gotta get there some how.Am i going to be put back in touch with you or will it be a random person next time ?
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i only work nights on here I play a real mechanic during the day.. so after 5 eastern time you will generally fine me so if u respond back to this Ill respond back when Im online and available

Ok, sounds good . . I'll see what I can find out. Thank you.
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Customer attachment 11/23/2020 11:48:19 PM
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are you getting a po717?

No, actually now that I look at it I don't think that's my trans. Im not getting any codes where I fell like I should be something the way it acts.Pretty sure I have the 6L80 trans
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its a 6l80 or 6l90 for sure

Yeah think its the 80, ok, will be in touch thanks.
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