Q: Check Engine light on fault code P000a & P000b

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A day after I purchased the vehicle, the Check Engine Light came on, I bought an OBDII Scanner from Ebay and ran the Torque app on Android.

1 fault code came on, P000B. I did an oil change and it ran ok for a couple of days (2 to be accurate) then it came back, I re-ran the scan and 2 errors popped up: P000B and P000A alongside the P0200 for fuel injector circuit.

My question is, What is the path to take? What can be the max cost this type of repair would take (worst case scenario)

I know you would need to check the vehicle first, but I'd like to get the funding for the most expensive turn of events.

I appreciate it.

My car has 114402 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Codes P000A and P000B are generic codes related to camshaft timing as stated in this article. It can be caused by a number of issues from something as simple as a loose gas cap, to a faulty engine control module (ecm), sometimes referred to as a powertrain control module (pcm). Most typically it can be related to the variable cam timing phaser or solenoid. Many modern engines use variable-valve (or cam) timing so the engine can produce good power across a wide range of rpms. With the traditional non-variable camshafts, you either get good power at one end of the rpm spectrum but not the other. It can have good low and mid-range rpm power, but seem strained at high rpms, or the other way around. It will have little power in the low and mid-range, but great high end power. The solenoids that control the variable-timing rely on oil pressure - which changes with rpms - to adjust the amount of time the intake and exhaust valves stay open. Reduced oil pressure can effect how much and how quickly they open and close. If the oil was not changed according to manufacturer’s specifications for time and mileage, some sludge may have formed inside the engine and is restricting the solenoids. An engine oil flush followed by a fresh oil and filter change may remedy the problem. If it does not, then have a certified technician perform an inspection and replace the variable-valve timing solenoids/phasers if necessary.

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