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Q: Check engine light on

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Brought to autozone for free diagnosis. Evap code. Told could be 3 different parts. I changed obvious one 1st. Gas cap. Still on. They said it's trial & error for the other 2 parts. Could be either one. Each one costs $99.00 Took to mechanic said charge $129 to find possible leak..that could be a pinhole in a hose. Sounds like a guessing game to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

My car has 181000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Quite often the free inspection from this company results in more problems than solutions. When these companies complete a ’scan’ they really don’t apply any mechanical diagnostic knowledge in their process. The fact is when an OBD-II code is triggered, it will indicate which one of the EVAC system components is faulty. You have to remember, these parts companies are in business to sell auto parts; possibly all of them until you eventually "through trial and error" find the right one. This is NOT the right way to diagnose a problem. Please contact a professional mobile mechanic from to come to your location and complete a check engine light inspection. This will allow us to download all the stored error codes and PINPOINT the source of the error and recommend the right repair - without the guess work.

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