Yesterday, for the 1st time, my 2016 KIA Sorento check en...

Yesterday, for the 1st time, my 2016 KIA Sorento check engine light came on. I was getting ready to leave which I seldom go anywhere and saw it. The car drove as normal, I only went a short distance to pick up food. This morning I...

Yesterday, for the 1st time, my 2016 KIA Sorento check engine light came on. I was getting ready to leave which I seldom go anywhere and saw it. The car drove as normal, I only went a short distance to pick up food. This morning I called dealer and they can't get me in until March 1st. I went to get a diagnostic read from O'Reillys (it is right behind my building) and code p0171 came up. They recommended using fuel system cleaner. I came home, pulled in the garage as normal cut car off. No problem. However, before I put the cleaner in, I tried to cut my truck back on again (not even sure why just a feeling) and it wouldn't start. All the lights worked on the inside and outside of truck but I noticed, in addition to check engine light, the battery and oil light were now on. This is so all of a sudden. Last oil change was 11/18, everything was well then. I keep it in my garage, barely drive due to quarantining etc. It is weird after the diagnostic test was ran, this happens. Any ideas on what it may be or why it happened so suddenly? Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? Stays on Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Sorento yourself? What have you tried so far? As mentioned, it was suggested I put in fuel system cleaner. I have an appointment 3/1 at dealer, that's the quickest they could see me Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? It's all mentioned in the initial message

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Hello and thank you for using Just Answer my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will be glad to help. Sorry to hear of your car trouble. Is it attempting to crank or does it not do anything? Have you checked your oil level?

Thank you. It will not crank, just a click sound but all lights come on.I haven't checked oil levels to be honest but since oil change, I've drove minimallyAll has been well, no leaks or otherwise
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P0171 is a fault for a lean condition that can cause drivability issues but not a no crank concern. So either your battery voltage is too low, you have excessive resistance in your starter circuit, the starter failed or the engine seized. I would start by attempting to jump start the vehicle as a battery issue on a car that isn't driven much can be common

Ok. I don't want to paint the picture that is not being driven I may use it once or twice a week so it's not sitting idle in my garage just last weekend we went on a drive to get out of the house and this last week, it was driven to a local Walmart on Friday and Saturday (4 min drive) Sunday it did not move and then Monday night is when I cut it on and saw the check engine lightthe best course of action is as I thought which is to have it jumped but is there a connection between it all. I guess my confusion is check engine light came on for the first time when I started it last night I go today to get a diagnostic read and the only thing that was on with the check engine light I get back cut it off cut it back on and see now there's a oil and battery light when they did the diagnostic read the only code was the 1 mentioned- it did not prompt anything else I guess I'm wondering how from the time I left there to my garage, a 2-minute time span can those other two lights come on
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Got it, I would still start by attempting to jump start as it is the easiest thing to rule out. I am not sure how familiar you are with vehicles but I would check the oil level, inspect your battery terminals and all ground points for signs of corrosion

Ok. I'm terrible with vehicles. I'll have to get assistance but appreciate you giving me ac direction to go inA\*
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The battery and oil light are probably always on when the key is in position 2 but you wouldn't notice as people usually cycle right passes position 2 and into the on position. Their scan tool shouldn't have caused any issues so I would worry about that. Feel free to reach back out at any time and I would suggest changing your oil at minimum once a year even if you are not yet due by mileage.

Did you mean to say once a year or meant month? I definitely do it more than once a year.
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Oh, I thought I read previously that your last oil change was in 2018?

Oh no it was 11/18 of 2020 lol I forgot to add the 20 (not thinking about it being year 21) sorry
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Oh, good! I was a little concerned about that.

Hello. We were corresponding yesterday about my 2016 Kia Sorento and the lights that were coming on. I just wanted to follow up and let you know I found a mobile mechanic who came to jump start it and he said that was not the problem as the battery was perfect and the alternator seem to do just fine as wellHe did inform that it seems to be a problem perhaps with my neutral sensor for example he pressed my gear shift up really hard while simultaneously starting the vehicle and that got it to start so he's saying that could be the problem and we should start there first but I just wanted a second opinion I am actually seeing it run right now with no battery light or oil light and yet yesterday it would not do that so he is saying that I need that part even though now it doesn't seem to be a problem have you ever heard of that issue being the reason for car not starting or the cause for the battery and oil light to come on?
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A failing neutral safety switch will cause the vehicle not to start. I wasn't thinking that because you stated that it clicked so I interpreted that as the starter engaged but wouldn't turn the engine. If the click you were hearing was something else that could be a good diagnosis. It could have been as simple as it just not being fully in park. If it acts up again the vehicle should start with the gear shifter in the neutral position.

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