Q: Car wont start after tipping on side

asked by on February 28, 2017

I managed to put my 2005 E46 convertible 320 diesel on its side Roll hoops blew and all that. However apart from that all damage is pretty cosmetic

However for some reason I can't get it to start now. Won't even turn over and the fuel pumps aren't going.

What has blown/ tripped that needs resetting. No error codes are registering? Do I need to put the roll hoops back

I initially thought it was the BST as the dash lights up fine but I tried bypassing that buy trying to jump start it off the engine terminals but no joy. I also took the black covering off and the unit is still intact

Any other suggestions

I’m still suspicious of the Battery Safety Terminal. I would take a really good hard look at that to be sure you aren’t missing something. Otherwise, there may be some kind of problem with driver authorization or some other safety system might have kicked in and you will only uncover that with a scan. A generic scan will not do the trick, it will have to be BMW appropriate equipment and software. If you don’t have that available, you can contact Your Mechanic to have a technician come to your home or office to scan your system and find out why your car won’t crank.

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