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Hello, We have a GMC Yukon and recently had the fuel pump replaced. Ever since then the car has had problems starting and today would not start at all. The garage that did the repairs will cover charges if it is due to the fuel pump only. We are far from the shop that did the repairs and it would cost a lot to have it towed. What are the chances it is still the fuel pump? What else could be causing this and could we do any repairs ourselves?
My car has an automatic transmission.

If you turn the key to the "run" position, you should hear the fuel pump "whirr" momentarily in the tank. You can use an assistant to do this test if you want to be as close to the tank as possible. The whirring will be momentary and will only be noticeable at the instant you turn the key to "run" (short of "start") position. If dead silence, the pump is dead or there is no power to the pump. As far as why there would be no power to the pump, you would have to trace the circuit to see where the open is...it could be a relay, a bad ground, loose fuse, a loose terminal or other circuit fault. One thing to consider with regard to fuel is whether the fuel filter was replaced along with the fuel pump. If a fuel filter is clogged, you could have an inadequate fuel delivery problem. If you desire, a certified Mechanic from YourMechanic could come out and perform a no start diagnostic which would identify the issue and of course indicate the repairs that are necessary. If the fuel pump is pressurizing at key on, and the engine is turning over (i.e., starting circuit works) then you should look for problems in the ignition system or in global sensors such as coolant temperature, crankshaft position sensor and the like.

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