Q: Car will start but once i put it into gear it will not move just revs!!!

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I started the car up one day and put it into reverse. It sounded like something was popping behind the driver side tire and it also felt like I was dragging something. I got out and check all seemed fine. A few days latter I try to drive car and it started popping again.This time the car would not move. I tried all the gear and nothing. The car would not move no light came on however when I put it back to park I can hear a grinding noise as the rpm died down.The car will not move been months sitting in the same spot what is wrong with it? .. also what can I do to the car so I don't ruin it since its winter very cold in low teens and snow on the car. should I leave gas in it and take the tires off witch are new still. don't want my car ruin for sitting so long. I have like a 8th of a tank of gas in it should i put more in it so It don't ruin the gas pump.I'm in Ohio winter!!!

My car has 38000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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