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Q: car only runs for a second or two when i try to start it...

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when i start to turn key i can hear fuel pump come on...but when i start the car it only runs for a second or two like its only getting whats in the line...ive heard this might be an ignition switch problem...i really dont think its the fuel pump...

My car has 280000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

A faulty ignition switch can cause the vehicle to stall. The 1998 Sunfire was the subject of an ignition switch recall, announced in 2004, but not having your specific vehicle identification number (VIN) it’s hard to say whether your specific vehicle was in fact recalled. You can visit and input your VIN to see if your car was recalled. Obviously, if recalled but never serviced, be sure to have the substance of the recall (the affected parts) replaced as instructed in the original manufacturer’s recall bulletin. If the switch turns out to be OK, the issue is simply that the air fuel ratio is off and/or the ignition system is cutting off. The only way to determine which it is is with an on-site diagnostic. The recommended diagnostic is an engine is stalling diagnostic and such a diagnostic can be scheduled, at your convenience, right at your location. The responding certified mechanic would diagnose the issue for you and estimate the cost of the repair.

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