Q: Car feels like it may stall, in Drive

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My car feels as though it shudders when coming to a stop, almost like it will stall, but it does not, thankfully. When it is in Drive, especially when it is warmed up, and idling, the RPMs are around 6000. I think that should be higher, and it seems like something is misfiring? I have a call into the Ford Dealer, because I know the 2013s had several recalls, so perhaps this one didn't "take?" (Last I remember I was up to date on recalls!) Thank you for any help!

My car has 69000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Jill. Thanks for contacting us today. I’m assuming that you meant to type 600 RPM instead of 6000, but if this is the case, then there are a few possible non-recall specific reasons this can happen. In most cases, low engine RPM issues and almost stalling is caused by fuel system components that are either dirty or clogged with debris. It’s also possible that the mass air flow sensor or air filter is dirty as well. I think the best way to resolve this issue is to have a professional mechanic come to your location to complete an on-site inspection. This will allow them to determine what repairs or service is needed to resolve the problem.

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