Q: Car died then battery and security light came on and car wont start but it turns over its not taking gas

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I have a 2005 pontiac grand am just got 2 days ago drove it from harrisonvill to independece mo just fine no problems the next day i was driving and my steering wheel locks up and car shuts of when i tryed to start it the battery and security and oil light and. Check engine service light came on car wont start but it trys and its not taking my gas. What does that mean ?
My car has an automatic transmission.

A number of faults can keep the vehicle from starting. If all the warning lights came on after the vehicle stalled, then that’s normal when the key is on and the engine is not running. If the check engine light came on before it stalled, then a fault code should be stored in the engine control unit. A technician can scan the system to determine why it came on. It’s possible that the battery light came on due to the alternator not charging properly. If it is not, then the electrical demands of the vehicle will be met by the battery until it is drained. However, not starting can be due to a number of things. The fuel pump may have failed. The crankshaft sensor may have also failed. The engine control unit relies on the crankshaft sensor to determine the position of each cylinder. It uses this information to trigger fuel and spark. If the crankshaft sensor failed, the engine control unit will not signal either the fuel pump or the ignition system to fire. Have a certified technician inspect the vehicle to determine the exact cause.

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