Q: Car completely died after diagnostics scan, dealer says to replace kvm and body control module, very expensive! How and y?

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My central locking stopped working, but everything else was working fine. Car was immobilized after a diagnostic scan at a non Jaguar dealer - completely non responsive. Towed to the dealer and they say I must replace all the keys, transponders, KVM module and the body control module. It's a very expensive repair. How could this happen from a diagnostics scan and how can it cause soooo much damage? Also how do I know for sure that replacement of these modules are necessary. Most of the errors codes point to network and communication issues on the CJB. One errors says incorrect VIN on the CJB, how does a module lose its VIN? Any advice would be great.

My car has 98000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. You are in a tricky situation. It is very rare that simply pulling the diagnostic codes with a scanner would cause any kind of issue. The problem has likely stemmed from the keyless vehicle module, body control module, or the key starting to fail. As the code reader asked the vehicle to run its normal diagnostics on the system, something about that process further exasperated the already existing issue. Further testing needs to be done, but if the system has totally shut down, some of that testing may be impossible. This is one reason to want to replace everything in the system. The fastest and easiest way to solve the problem is to replace all of these components and start programming brand new. Unfortunately, you do end up picking up the tab for that. Your other options include getting a second opinion, or have the work done by someone other than the dealership (which tends to be the most expensive). If you would like to schedule an appointment with our technicians to take a look, contact our service department.

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