My car won't go into gear when the engine is on buy goes ...

My car won't go into gear when the engine is on buy goes fine even when the clutch pedal isn't down when the engine is off Mechanic's Assistant: Has the clutch been slipping? Are you having any trouble shifting? The clutc...

My car won't go into gear when the engine is on buy goes fine even when the clutch pedal isn't down when the engine is off Mechanic's Assistant: Has the clutch been slipping? Are you having any trouble shifting? The clutch pedal went a while ago so I replaced master and slave cylinder But it won't shift when engine is on Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? Honda civic mk 7 2003 1.7 tdi Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Civic yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes, new master cylinder, new slave cylinder, clutch pipe replacement due to corrosion and clutch bled Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? When the clutch pipe was remove there was some kind of circular valve that was taken off(the guy that did it said he can't see what it actually does) new pipe was connected directly rather than through this bracket

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It's eileen
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Hi Eileen i hope you are well. Does the clutch pedal feel normal ?

It does now that I have bled the clutch yes.It's like the pedal isn't working properly though as I can shift into different gears when the engine is off without even putting the clutch pedal down...
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Ok so if pedal is normal and you still cannot select any gears with the engine running .this would suggest that the clutch pressure plate is failing and isn't fully engaging the clutch to give the disconnect needed to select gears .a replacement clutch will be required .

My original issue was that the clutch pedal went when I was driving and the pedal stuck to the floor. I then replaced the master cylinder and the slave cylinder and now the pedal does return
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It sounds like you have a bad pressure plate that has lead to hydraulic failure

But could it be possible that the cylinders were actually ok and it was another issue??
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I think the clutch is the issue and its caused the hydraulic issue

Ah ok, also, transmission fluid... Im not sure that I have a dipstick to check this? Is it possible that the vehicle doesn't use transmission fluid??? I've never seen anything that resembles somewhere I would put this fluid into??
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Ok so it will have transmission fluid but its not something thats checked .it has a fill bung that is on the side of tghe transmission and its pumped in from. Below and is fill to spill

Ok so I should probably look at filling that then too!
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It wont cause the issue you have if its low

Although there's no crunching or slipping when the gears do change(when the engine is off) so think it must be alright. So when I replace the clutch will this then solve the pedal problem too? The fact I can change the gears without using the clutch pedal(again with engine off) at the minute?
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It should yes

Great! I was worried that was something else too. Last question... Have you any idea what it was that was taken off when the clutch pipe was changed?
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Ok its called an anti vibration unit .it absorbs vibrations from the clutch so its not felt in the pedal

It was a bracket that had what looked like some kind of circular valve that the pipes went into and came out of but it just looked really corroded and rusty and the guy that took it off seemed to think it wasn't required... Should I put that back on?
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Its to stop vibrations being felt in the pedal

Ah ok thanks for that, so not essential to the clutch to work. I think I'm ok with feeling vibrations as long as it doesn't effect use :)
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Wont effect operation

Perfect :) oh, another question... Any handy hints or tips on how to loosen a rusty and rounded bleed nipple nut??? Or how to bleed my brakes without using the bleeder? All 4 are extremely rusty and the back ones especially are rounded but I've replaced brake pipes and pads and discs so really need to bleed my brakes!
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I would lubricate them and allow them to soak then carefully work them, back and forth to release them

Lol I definitely already tried that
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Unfortunately theres no secret way

I thought about adding heat to them too and that also didn't work
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If they wont release you will end up replacing callipers

Well I'll just keep trying :) then obviously replace them when I finally get them loosened ��Thank you for all your help :)
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Your very welcome

Calipers are actually on my list of replacements but the Flexi hose is currently completely fixed and not budging so leaving that issue until I really really need to do it
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Ok makes sense

Well the clutch kit is expensive enough lol so I'll try not to replace things I don't have to lol
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Keep me posted and thanks for choosing justanswer

Will do, thanks for your help
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No problem

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