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Q: car accelerates on it's own

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Over the past 2 months when driving at low speeds (under 40mph) my car accelerates on it's own. I apply the brakes & all is well. I called the Toyota dealership and they acted like I was an idiot. Said this was an issue they never had to address and informed that when I had my car in drive at a traffic light I must keep my foot on the brake. I explained that it was when I was driving. He said he had NEVER had this problem....I hung up!!!

My car has 23000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. With some further investigation, you will see that there is a problem with Toyota and their hybrid vehicles pertaining to sudden acceleration or stopping. You will want to contact the service department again and speak to a supervisor. The company has a habit of blaming it on the floor mats and driver error, so do not be shocked when they try and give you those excuses. In some of these cases, people have trouble braking and it creates a hazardous situation, so be careful driving until this is resolved. Some other Prius drivers have had success messing with the cruise control when this happens. There are several reasons why a normal vehicle may do this, and with your vehicle being a Hybrid, things become even more complicated. The gas powered engine, and the Hybrid electronic systems both need to be inspected. For an inspection from one of our technicians, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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