Q: This is for a bike, I believe it shouldn't be any different...

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So I've got a 250cc bike. I've had some problems with the automatic choke getting stuck (coming and staying on for no reason) and when i pull away from a traffic light it's as if my bike loses power cause as i pull away it's like my bike pulls back, like it's skipping combustion Cycles. It's difficult to explain but it's as if there's no moderate spark to no spark on some cycles.

I thought the carb was dirty, opened it and it was clean. Thought the air filter was dirty, was clean The spark plug is also fine. The fuel filter is also clean and was replaced.

When i push the bike into high revs the problem goes away but if i pull away and I want to go fast it just doesnt do it properly, it pulls back or loses power wity what i explained above.

Hope it makes sense

Thanks a ton! Caleb

Hi Caleb. Unfortunately, we don’t service motorcycles or provide technical assistance on motorcycles. YourMechanic is a mobile automotive service based around the maintenance and repair of mainly cars and trucks. You should contact a local motorcycle specialist for information on why you’re experiencing these issues. Best of luck.

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