Q: brakes replaced

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i will need brakes soon approimately how much should it be and should I let the dealer do it

My car has 61000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The cost will depend on several factors including whether your existing rotors can be turned (re-surfaced) or must be replaced, whether you want BMW, OEM (genuine) friction material or aftermarket (OEM is highly preferred), and whether you desire that both front and rear axle brakes be replaced (2 wheels or 4 wheels). At a minimum, rotors must be re-surfaced. If a rotor or rotors have to be replaced you also have a decision as to whether to use OEM or aftermarket. Again, OEM is highly preferred due to the reduction in headaches that often accompany use of aftermarket parts. YourMechanic dispatches certified mechanics who work, one on one, with the vehicle owner and in a circumstance, or setting, where you can actually see the quality of work you are getting. Even as the service is much better for the consumer, the cost is lower. In your circumstance, you are going to pay much more having this work done at a dealer and the results will not be any better. Brake work is not just a question of throwing pads on a vehicle. In particular, if great care is not taken in, for example, properly torquing the wheel back to the hub, with the rotor in between of course, in a sequence, the rotor will get warped. Consequently, I would be leery about using a shop where I could not personally see and confirm every aspect of the job. As you get into this, if you have additional technical concerns, we are here to help you. To get an estimate, simply request brake pad replacement but make clear that the rotors have to be dealt with as well.

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