Q: Battery charging Indicator is not glowing properly.

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Hello Sir, This is Sastikumar Working as a Electrical Designer in a company. I am facing one problem. I need to discuss with some well experienced Automotive Electrician. The problem is when I am switching ON the ignition key switch of the machine(Heavy Vehicle) the battery charging indicator is glowing dim. While checking the voltage between the indicator it shows around 4.8V. But It should be normally 12V. Some times While cranking the engine with this problem indicator wont turned off.Battery is also not charging.The occurrence rate is 20/50(It means when I turn ON the key switch the battery charging indicator is glowing with less brightness)and 10/50(It means while cranking the engine the battery charging indicator remains the same and also rpm meter,speedometer,hourmeter wont work).Please suggest the Root cause of the problem..Waiting for your reply.

Check the charging unit (alternator or generator) on the heavy equipment and see if there is a charging voltage of 13.5 volts to 14.7 volts when the engine is operational. If there is only battery voltage, then the charging unit will need to be replaced. If the charging unit is producing the voltage of 13.5 volts to 14.7 volts but the battery is not showing it on a meter, then there could be a loose wire between the charging unit and the battery. If you need further assistance with your battery not holding a charge, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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