Q: After hour or so driving, engine starts to sputter as if not receiving fuel. Stop for 10 mins and it runs fine.

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After driving for an hour or so ( usually over an hour) the engine will start to sputter and lurch. First time i smelled fuel, looked around found fuel filter leaking( which was from 2003). I installed new one and now will go for longer before it starts acting up. I also replaced fuel pump relay switch because it was old figured couldn't hurt. ( have no clue if. Both are correlated) It starts up and runs strong up until that point. If i pull over and waitbfor about 10 minutes it will again drive great till about an hour in. Also my Air Fan only runs on High. Air will still come out on other settings but very minimal.

My car has 146589 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The stalling could be due to a heat induced failure of the ignition coil. Resistance of electrical components increases with temperature and if the coil is the issue that is why the stalling only occurs once the engine is hot. The coil could be tested now and/or during an instance of stalling to see if that is the cause. Heat related failures are also possible in the crank and cam position sensors and possibility the engine coolant temperature sensor. Another possibility is a failing fuel pump. In the NHTSA database for this vehicle I do see a non negligible number of similar stalling reports from other consumers but no clear indication of the cause. Of concern, I also see vehicle fires reported so it’s good you fixed that fuel filter. Check the condition of your power steering hoses as failure of those hoses has been implicated in Caravan fires. With regard to the blower motor failure, you may have a defective blower motor resistor block. The stalling can be dealt with by requesting a stalling diagnostic and the resistor block can be diagnosed, and replaced if necessary, by requesting blower motor service - resistor block. If you request these services, the responding certified mechanic will get both of these issues resolved for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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