Q: after brake serviced 4 discs and all pads fitted, all wheels heat up a lot, higher petrol intake, no change after 150 km driven.

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Car went through anuual inspection no problem, even though i heard grinding noise when braking, front wheels were heating up sometimes. Was a bit worried so got brake service. Was advised to change discs and pads. New discs and pads are now fitted in on all 4 wheels. Right after collecting the car I noticed all wheels were heating up to high temperature. I went back to service and was told it was OK, that the new parts were "bedding in". Since the service (done last week, I have driven about 150 km since) ALL 4 wheels still heat up to high temeperature, the car takes about 10-15% more petrol. Also the car vibrates slightly when I get it up to speed of 90-100 km/h (I had this problem before the service too). SO to sum up: after the brake service the noise is gone, car is braking fine, BUT THE WHEELS ARE HEATING UP A LOT(NOW ALL 4!!!) and THE PETROL INTAKE IS HIGH. also the car still vibrates between 90-100 km/h. Will appreciate any advice you can priovide. Thank you. David

My car has a manual transmission.

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