Q: after brake serviced 4 discs and all pads fitted, all wheels heat up a lot, higher petrol intake, no change after 150 km driven.

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Car went through anuual inspection no problem, even though i heard grinding noise when braking, front wheels were heating up sometimes. Was a bit worried so got brake service. Was advised to change discs and pads. New discs and pads are now fitted in on all 4 wheels. Right after collecting the car I noticed all wheels were heating up to high temperature. I went back to service and was told it was OK, that the new parts were "bedding in". Since the service (done last week, I have driven about 150 km since) ALL 4 wheels still heat up to high temeperature, the car takes about 10-15% more petrol. Also the car vibrates slightly when I get it up to speed of 90-100 km/h (I had this problem before the service too). SO to sum up: after the brake service the noise is gone, car is braking fine, BUT THE WHEELS ARE HEATING UP A LOT(NOW ALL 4!!!) and THE PETROL INTAKE IS HIGH. also the car still vibrates between 90-100 km/h. Will appreciate any advice you can priovide. Thank you. David

My car has a manual transmission.

Hello David, thank you for writing in. The symptoms you are having all point to an issue with the brakes sticking or applying when they should not be. Heat is caused by resistance, and the pads are designed to create resistance. Under normal circumstances, the brake pads have very little clearance when they are not applied to begin with. It does not take much to apply them when they should not be, and this would explain why the vehicle is taking more gas to drive normally. If all brakes are having this issue, you need to make sure that the brakes were bled correctly. When all four wheels are affected, you are likely looking at having a hydraulic issue. possibly have them looked at by a different shop or technician. For an inspection from our technicians, contact our service department about scheduling.

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