Q: AC motor blown? metal in system? repair quote?

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Firestone told me I blew the ac motor and there was metal in the system, therefore my AC would cost more than the value of the car. I don't necessarily trust my Firestone mechanics they c be pretty lazy over here. The compressor was seized so I cut the belt. How much do u think Im lookin at to get a working AC again?

My car has 84000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

For you to conclude that the whole A/C system is "ruined" due to metallic contaminants, shop personnel would have had to have shown you actual evidence of such contamination throughout the system. If they did not show you any metallic fragments in the A/C system, you are doing the right thing by seeking out information to the end of getting the best resolution. Get evidence of exactly what type of failure you have (if metal, "show me (you) the metal"). There is a filter/dryer in your system. Not much in the way of contaminants can get PAST that filter. If there’s metal, so what?, inasmuch as all you might need is to "possibly" replace components (condenser, piping) up to the filter. Other lines can be cleaned. Your system can be repaired and it is no big deal. If you want to get an exact repair quote, just feel free to request an a/c system inspection and the responding certified mechanic will look at what you have and give you a repair strategy that will get this resolved. On your own, it is possible for you to repair something like what you are describing by clever and careful use of used parts, which will make the job less expensive than buying new clothes BUT unless you have previously worked on these systems it might not be for you. You’ll need a lot of specialized tools, too. It’s dangerous; you could easily lose your eyesight if refrigerant sprays on your face, and it is exacting work; the repair has to performed EXACTLY according to very specific written instructions. At any rate, a mobile mechanic can do it cheap enough for you and you should avail yourself of that option to get this resolved.

With regard to your concern about the economic wisdom of repair versus replace, please note that you cannot use a comparison of the cost of a repair to the "market value" of a vehicle in order to come up with your least cost option. In household economics, it is absolutely the WRONG comparison and thus will give you the wrong answer every time as you try to figure out the BEST way to proceed with the problem at hand. Presumably YOUR GOAL is to save money on transportation. To identify the least cost strategy here, you have to compare the COST of getting your car fully functional (in this case the cost of getting the A/C working as A/C is an essential vehicle system unless you like to drive while sitting in the equivalent of a toaster) to the COST of REPLACING the car, period. So, let’s say in your circumstance the rest of your car still functions OK (no "major" problems or show stoppers) but you need a $500 repair on the A/C system. The car’s "market value" is, say, $2,000. The relevant comparison to make is not the $500 repair cost VERSUS the "market value" of $2,000 but rather you have to compare the $500 cost versus the cost to REPLACE your present car with another used car INCLUDING the cost of repairs that will be required on that used car. The point is the MARKET VALUE of your present car is absolutely irrelevant even if the market value is ZERO. The only relevant comparison is the COST to fix your car VERSUS the cost to REPLACE it. The reason I am emphasizing this, indeed admittedly belaboring it, is simply because when you perform that calculation, it is almost always cheaper to repair what you already own. It is ALWAYS (100% of the time) less costly to keep your present car if you repair it yourself and it is almost always less costly if you use an economical enough repair service such as YourMechanic. If you request the a/c inspection/diagnostic the responding certified mechanic will get this taken care of for you. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you .

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