Q: 2006 Volvo s60 starts, but then stops/chokes out almost immediately

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2006 Volvo s60 starts, but then stops/chokes out almost immediately. If I try to rev the engine when I start the car and keep the RPMs high like 2k, the car stay on, but if I let it settle then that car dies. I had error codes for Mass Air Flow Sensor so I changed it. Cleared the codes, but continued to do the same. Light came back on and now error codes were for Mass Air Flow Sensor and Fuel Trim. I disconnected the Mass Air Flow Sensor and started the car as per someones suggestion and the car started and did not die/choke. I'm guessing the car doesn't have full power without the MAF sensor. I'm not sure what it is and I can't move my car to a mechanic if it won't start.

My car has 113000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Christian. The fact that you remove the mass air flow sensor and the engine appears to run fine might be an indication that the root source of your problem is the electrical harness that connects the MAF sensor to the ECU. Quite often, the harness is the reason for error codes and performance issues like you’ve described. The good news is that you don’t need to bring your car to a mechanic - let the mechanic come to you. YourMechanic.com offers a mobile mechanic service, where one of our mobile mechanics can come to your location to complete a car starts then dies inspection. This will allow them to isolate the root source of your problem and recommend or complete the right repairs for you.

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It sounds like you are having a fuel delivery issue. It is as if the fuel is not reaching the engine. This can happen for about three different reasons. The first is that the fuel pump could be weak. The second is that the fuel filter could be clogged. The third is that the fuel pressure regulator could be faulty. I would recommend having your fuel system inspected by a qualified professional to determine the exact cause of this issue. Consider YourMechanic as these services can be completed at your home or office.

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