Q: Engine whirls when it is started. The engine makes a audible but not loud WHIRRING (not squealing) sound when foot is on the gas.

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2006 Range Rover SPort HSE (154,000) miles. When ignition is started it makes a whirring sound loudest but whirring that subsides in a few seconds. Its then audible but not loud. once you hit whatever speed you settle on it subsides but does not go away. If your put cruise control on the sound remains. Its Faint but audible. If you take cruise control off and do NOT accelerate the sound either goes away or is so faint its bearly audible. Once you put your foot back on gas it WHIRRS again. foot off whirring subsides. foot on whirring . no engine lights coming on inside car. all these repair forums say low power steering fluid or pump OR serpentine belt OR A/C belt OR alternator OR MAF OR fuel pump. One person said he replaced A/C belt and it stopped.

My car has 1540000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There could be a hole in the intake air cleaner hoses or a drive belt that is loose causing the whirling sound. Try removing the drive belt and driving the vehicle for a short time. The battery light will come on, just ignore it for now as the alternator is not turning. If the noise goes away, then I suggest replacing the drive belt. If the noise is still there, then look to see if the intake hoses have a hole in it causing the air to rush in under demands. If you need further assistance with your engine making a whirling noise, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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