Q: 2006 330i no start, car died on highway

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While driving on highway, car suddenly stalled, and I lost the power steering and power brakes. I was able to pull over safely, but car would not start after that. It still cranks and battery is good. I had it towed back to my place. With a generic code reader, I pulled the following codes from vehicle- P1554 (2 times) crank shaft inlet camshaft P1553 crankshaft exhaust camshaft correction bank 1 P0139 O2 sensor circuit slow response bank 1 sensor 2 P0159 O2 sensor circuit slow response bank 2 sensor 2 P0341 Camshaft Sensor Inlet Signal

When I tried to reset the codes and start vehicle, it was trying to start very harshly. It turns, but turns very loud. Doesnt fire up though. Before car died on freeway, transmission was shifting fine, everything was normal. I do have a oil leak under the oil filter housing as well. Its just scary hearing that horrible engine noise trying to start it.

My car has 101500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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