Q: 1999 Dakota blowing hazard and stop lamp fuses?

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1999 Dakota blowing hazzard and stop lamp fuse after replacing brake light switch and combination switch

Hi there. Why were the brake switch and combination switch replaced? If this began after replacing these parts, then one or both of these parts may be incorrect, faulty, or incorrectly installed. Try unplugging one of the components and see if the fuse still blows, then reconnect and unplug the other checking the fuse again. If the fuse blows with one and not the other, the shorted circuit is the one connected that is blowing the fuse. There is a high possibility of a faulty part, however there could be a chaffed wire in the circuit that is touching metal. Using a digital volt/ohm meter, check the wires in the suspected circuit for a short and repair as necessary. I strongly suggest having a qualified technician perform an inspection to avoid replacing unnecessary parts and blowing a lot of fuses. Your Mechanic has several technicians available that can assist you with a car has electrical problems.

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Hi there. Assuming, the hazard/stop lamp fuse was not blowing prior to replacing the combination switch and brake light switch, leads me to believe one or both of these components could be, incorrect by application. If both components are correct by application, this would lead me to believe there is an electrical short in the brake light circuit. This could be, the power wire to the brake lights shorted to ground, a faulty brake light bulb socket, an incorrect/faulty brake light bulb. Isolating the short to ground would be removing or disconnecting components in the given circuit, until the fuse no longer blows. Using a DVOM (digital, volt, ohm, meter) or test light and a wiring diagram would help the process in isolating the short to ground. I recommend having your vehicle’s hazard/stop lamp fuse blows be diagnosed and repaired by a certified technician, such as one from YourMechanic.

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