Q: 1995 MB S420, leaking power steering fluid when I try to turn(hard when Idling) splatters all over front belts, I can't see leak.

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when parked and idling, the steering is hard to turn depending on rpms from idle, and when I muscle the steering to turn from dead stop it turns out it has leaked in the front side of engine (spray all over belts,etc.) near power steering pump. Is this usually a seal or bad pump that needs replacing?

My car has 145000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

A power steering fluid leak can certainly be from the pump shaft seal. Also, since high pressure lines also connect to the power steering pump and reservoir, one of them can also possibly leak due to a faulty fitting or break in one of the hoses themselves. Have a certified technician inspect the system to find the leak as soon as possible. Since the system relies on the fluid for cooling and lubrication as well as providing high pressure, prolonged running with low fluid levels, can damage the power steering pump as well as the power steering box.

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