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Los Angeles, CA

I've been an automotive technician since 2010. I have experience working on Domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. In every job I do, I make sure my customers' vehicles are in peak operating condition.





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on March 24

He was professional knew what he was talking about all the questions i asked he answer them with no problem i will give him 5 stars he is coming back Monday to do a tune up I would definitely recommend him

on March 23

Ricardo showed up as scheduled, got right to work and was done as expected within 3 hours. He was courteous, capable, and I would not hesitate to book him for another fix. He answered all my questions.

on March 22

Ricardo is so knowledgeable in all things automotive. He also explains and shows you everything so you know exactly what is happening. He is reliable and trustworthy (not often a trait found in auto mechanics). I will ALWAYS make sure Ricardo is my mechanic. If he is booked, he is worth waiting for, BELIEVE ME. There is a reason he has 5 stars. My Story: My Jeep needed a new radiator. Ricardo replaced it, but my car continued to leak. He informed me that aftermarket radiators for Jeeps often had issues and he suggested a radiator replacement from the dealer. We ordered the part (again) but from the dealer this time and he replaced the faulty one. So far, everything seems fine. Here is the exceptional part about Ricardo. After he put the 1st radiator in, the check engine light came on. There was a faulty sensor, not associated with the radiator. Any other mechanic would have told me it was an unrelated issue and charged me for a new sensor. Instead, Ricardo realized the sensor failed because oil was dripping on it, yes, oil from the faulty aftermarket radiator that he initially installed. He let me know the reason for the sensor failure and replaced it free of charge when he put in a new radiator. Also, there was sticky stuff on my window making the electronic window not roll down. He cleaned off the sticky stuff. One of my headlights was foggy, he had product to quickly clean off the build-up, the door panel was not attached to the door, he had a quick fix for that..... shall I go on? Ricardo is honest, informed, and dedicated to getting the job done right and making sure the customer is happy. Like I said, he will ALWAYS be my mechanic. If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would. "YourMechanic" is lucky to have him as an employee. If all of their employees are as good as Ricardo, they will be the trademark of auto repair. Yes, this review is real. Chareen Hodge- Los Angeles, Ca.

on March 23

Ricardo is great! He replaced the brake pads quickly and then showed 3 or 4 features our car has that the dealership never showed us. Absolutely will have him work on our car in the future. Very pleasant!

on March 19

I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the work Ricardo did on my car. I'm so grateful I found "Your Mechanic" For the record this is the 2nd time I've had him come out and do repairs. I'll have a total of three once everything is done. My car "had" a horrible noise the first 5mins of warming up. You should have seen the look on my face when he showed me the pulley he took out. Totally separated. Old man upstairs was sure looking out for me. Now the controls arms. Same thing totally deteriorated. Keep in mind my car is a "93". Just Awesome

on March 17

Ricardo was very knowledgeable in the work that he was performing. It took him no time to remove the old throttle body and replace it with the new one. Found out more work was required on my car. Ricardo will be returning to take care of the needed work. Pricing for parts and labor is very commendable.

on March 18

Great job! Took the time to fully explain what was done, and gave advice on follow up for any further issues. Definitely a good first experience with Your Mechanic.

on March 16

Ricardo was great! Showed up on time, very friendly, checked out my car and even gave me a heads up about my brakes which will need to be replaced in a couple months. Will definitely get him for my future car needs.



Honda CR-V
on March 15

Ricardo was such a nice guy. He came in and was able to take care of my much needed to be changed Tie-End-Rod in 30 minutes. Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need. Thank you so much Ricardo.

on February 16

Great service! Ricardo explained everything thoroughly and gave excellent recommendations. First time using this service and I loved it! He made my experience wonderful and will definitely be using it more. Thank you, Ricardo!

on February 26


on February 28

My 3rd time having Ricardo service my 2009 Honda. He is a great, friendly mechanic always on time and professional. Will be using him again!


  • 50 Point Inspection


Toyota Yaris
on March 08

Ricardo was great! I know next to nothing about cars and he made me feel confident I was making a good purchase! Thanks Ricardo!

on January 27

Excellent work and great attitude. He went out of his way to help and find the best solution for fixing my car. I would highly recommend using him to anyone.

on January 26

it was fantastic! he was concerned about his work and even helped rerouter some speak er wires while replacing my window regulator! He's my new go to 5 star mechanic! thanks again!

on January 16

As always great service! This is the 2nd time Ricardo has worked on my 2009 honda accord and both times he was great. will use again and again...

on January 05

He immediately started to work on the car repair as soon as he got there and was very quick. After the repair was done he did a thorough inspection of the rest of the car. He explained to me a couple of other concerns with the car. What I liked the most is that he explained everything in plain language and why it works that way and how it works. Best mechanic interaction ever.

on January 04

Did an excellent job on cleaning the throttle and setting the calibrations to where it should read, I appreciate that he check or Inspected the rest if my truck and explain them to me and get them check out in the future . I would use Richardo again . He got an A+ in my book !!! Thank you, Luis Beza

on December 28

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and fun to talk to. He explained what he did (even though it was only oil change) with details. Thanks for servicing my car today!



Mini Cooper
on August 29

Ricardo was great. He gave me a couple calls to update me on the progress, walked me through everything he did at the end of the appointment, and was all around friendly and informative. Would recommend and will work with in the future. Thanks Ricardo!

on December 03

Ricardo was fantastic!!! He was on time, polite and soooo helpful. He answered any and all questions. He even gave me helpful hints to maintain my car, so i can keep "her" longer.

on November 25

A+++++ work from Ricardo. Never dissapointed by his professional demeanor and timeliness. Found the issue and i booked him for another appointment to repair the issue. Thank you Ricardo. Thank you YourMechanic!!



Volkswagen GTI
on November 22

Ricardo, you were awesome. Thanks for helping my with my terribly old battery. We'll be in touch about that alternator I need to get replaced. Thanks again!

on November 24

He was polite and I felt comfortable with him and the work he did. My brakes feel so much better now. He even showed me his DL before he test drove my car. (that was impressive)


  • Clutch Pedal Assembly


Saturn Ion
on November 17

Awesome job! I requested Ricardo to complete the second part of my cluth issue. Amazing work! Very quick and just an overall A++++ professional. Book Ricardo for your next appointment and you definitley will not be dissapointed how stress free and EASY the services will be. As a matter of fact you might start questioning the prices of brick and motar mechanics. Thank you Ricardo and thank you YourMechanic for another satisfied appointment.

on November 27

I can't believe this! Ricardo knew what he was doing. My mechanic before him did a mess job with my brake light switch last year. It didn't feel right. Ricardo replaced it and it only took 45 mins. He was also checking my tires and engine to make sure everything was good. My brake light switch feels so much better and smooth. I will be using him from now on. I am so glad I found him through this site.

on November 19

Ricardo , was a very friendly,professional,and competent mechanic. He did a great job on my Mercedes Benz. Best part was that he was so knowledgable about everything that has to do with cars,he even informed of some very cool functions that my car has that I didn't even know existed and even how to utilize, but Ricardo when far and beyond to even briefly teach me. Definitely would recommend him to everyone. Thanks.

on December 16

Hi is very kind and did all he could to fix the problem. He stated that he did not have the equipment and that I should bring it into the dealership. I appreciate the convenience provided by your company and the courtesy and professionalism of Recardo and your company.



Dodge Avenger
on November 11

Ricardo came to my residence and completed abrake job on my Dodge Avenger. He did an excellent job and has been recommended to others. For the first time, this was a very positive experience.

on November 03

I want that all future work on my cars will be made by Ricardo. I do have only limited experience so far, but he comes across as a trustworthy, helpful and good mechanic. A relationship with the people who work on my car is most important. I want Ricardo to become my ongoing mechanic. I have a large circle of friends. I consider personal referrals as this relationship will continue.

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